Do you feel as if you have tried everything but nothing has worked? Our clients get massive results using a radical system that gets to the ROOT of the issue. We want to see the same for you.

I had dealt with anxiety and depression since I was teen, but when I came to Amara and Dreamer I was in an extreme situation. I was experiencing intense disassociation and fear from a traumatic event and it was near impossible to function on a normal level. My connection to passions, people and the things that I loved was gone. I was having trouble showing up to work. All of this left me feeling lost, broken and in need of psychiatric intervention. 

Fortunately, I found Amara and said ‘yes’ to working with her and Dreamer. I put my faith in them and their work and followed their guidance. The transformation that followed was nothing short of profound. I no longer identify as being ‘dissociated’ or ‘broken.’ I now feel connected to my inner resourcefulness and strength. For the first time, I feel a strong connection to a higher source and really understand the power of faith and the reality of grace. I was surprised to find that nature was a crucial piece to my healing journey and this has helped me to be more present with my senses and live from a heart-based space. Amara and Dreamer held a strong and supportive frame for my healing, weaving ceremony and nature into the process. I could not have imagined how crucial those elements would be to my journey. And all of this happened without pharmaceutical intervention. 

For anyone who is ready to deeply heal, this program will lay a foundation to put your life into your own hands. If you do the work, you will find your inner resourcefulness, connect with a higher power, with nature, and with yourself.

Kaydrie Kalberg

Working with the Dreamers has had a monumental impact in my struggle with anxiety and depression. After dealing with the roller coaster of emotions for over a decade, it allowed me to release the feeling of being overwhelmed with darkness, and to feel blissful in my every day life. The enlightenment it provided aided me in coping with daily challenges from a lighthearted approach, and to let go of that which I cannot control with ease. The experience shifted my overall emotional, mental, and physical health in profound ways, and has abundantly increased the strength in my spirit.

Risa Teichiera

There has been so much rewiring and recalibrating. About two weeks ago, I started to feel like I perhaps woke up in another time line of my life that is running more smoothly and feels much more positive. Whatever the hang ups and glitches were that kept me from kicking over to the next phase or level, completely smoothed out. I feel this as an internal shift that is now expressing itself in my external world. There is ease and flow in my work. There is ease and flow in my creative energy. I feel more energized than I have in a very long time and I’m able to sustain this energy, which feels great. I am more involved with my community, making new connections and even met a lovely gentleman who I am casually dating and the way I am engaging with that is SO DIFFERENT than how I would engage before. My intuition and visions are so clear and the way that system is running also feels more smooth than ever. So basically, before I was doing all the work and all the things but there was still this shadow of old timelines and negative energy sort of over shadowing my thoughts and my whole being. Now, I feel that shadow has left and I am experiencing the world anew. Everything is still what it is. Stuff still happens. But the way I am able to navigate that stuff feels so much healthier. I really feel like some massive heart/brain rewiring happened with you guys and I am just so so grateful.

Teren Jordan

I had practiced yoga for years, sat several vipassana sits, and put myself in enough overwhelming and substance assisted awkward social situations that I felt like I knew myself and knew the world as much as I wanted to at the time, but still couldn’t show up in it the way I wanted to. I was inhibited in expression and emotionally unstable. My work with the Amara and Dreamer has been mostly focused around confidence and self-expression. The most striking result has been in my new found love of expressing myself more freely through playing music. I have owned 5 guitars in my life, and took piano lessons for a year as a child, but never enjoyed practicing and never made much progress. Since working with them I find myself lost in the exploration of sound in both guitar and voice every day. The change is a permission to not sound great at first, to play sloppily until it starts sounding better, to enjoy the process of repeating the same notes or chords over and over with the fortitude to watch the slow improvements. It’s a letting go of the self-defeating thoughts that previously made me give up. It’s the clarity of vision to see through to the future where the practice pays off. Most importantly the confidence to attempt something new with such strong intent that the transition to sounding nice is happening shockingly quickly. This is a unique situation, but the day after my first session I returned to a place where I was the only single man among several hundred women. Being in this place before working with the Dreamers I was very overwhelmed, riding a roller coaster of emotions and repeatedly hitting unconscious blocks, traumas, and shame. After working with them I returned to this still overwhelming space but was able to carry myself with integrity and enjoy being there without the feelings of shame or unworthiness. I’ve looked for teachers and guides for years expecting them to look like old men with beards and accents. I did find a few, as well as some great women too, but they are intangible and while their lessons were great I was left struggling to integrate them into my life on my own. Then I met Amara and Dreamer who were born in Western culture but went straight to the source of real knowledge at an early age. They studied the ancient teachings and native knowledge with intense passion and then brought this wisdom back to us with such clarity and integration that the bridge they build to it is so easy and calming to walk on you’ll be shocked at the depths you’re crossing. 


Evan Paul

When I met Amara I was in the middle of a divorce and looking for direction for just about every area in my life. Working with Amara over a six month period has resulted in reaching deep into each life area in a significant way from re-designing my life work, partnering to create a spiritual path apprenticeship, to connecting with intuitive and ceremonial rituals that call me to my greatest purposes. Since working with Amara I am manifesting dreams that have been in process since I was young. And because Amara is so tuned in to the needs in the moment there were times when she became counselor through the emotional ups and downs of divorce and other family and relational dynamics unfolding rather than pushing into the next ceremonial practice we were exploring. I have been surprised by the breadth of topics touched on with practical skills offered to match what we covered with a co-creative, fluid vitality!! I have felt supported to step out and stand tall in the midst of massive life transitions! If you are looking for a coach who can walk you through the darkest times and help you find your path whether it is connected to career, relationship, heart centered living, sacred and ceremonial passages, then you have found a listening and compassionate coach with Amara. I highly recommend her to you as a life guide who holds solid ground and a safe space for you to explore your potential guided by the Love that strings together the stars!

Janna Sublett

Amara is a truly gifted teacher and guide, and I am immensely grateful for her support. After working through the many layers of my shadow on my own, I felt it was time to reach out and find a teacher who would provide safety, authentic reassurance and gentleness as I explored some of the most challenging aspects of myself. I had been working through physical chronic pain, dealing with anxiety from my tech career, and ignoring the warning messages my body was sending to me to slow down. Through my work with Amara, I’ve released many self-destructive habits and thought patterns that were blocking me from reaching my fullest potential. I am surprised by the deep softening that I am experiencing, the ease of implementing small changes into my daily routine, as well as the increased positive outlook I have on this human experience. If you are moving through any transitions or initiations in your own life, I encourage you to find a support system through Amara. Her ancient wisdom, compassionate approach, and space holding abilities are profound and can help you walk the spiral path of healing.



Here is who this is for:

You want to free yourself from anxiety and depression so you can spend more time with your family and reclaim your passions. Your have a high-stress career that has you losing sleep due to worry. You want to know boundless confidence so you can advance your career, find fulfillment in your work, and leave the pressures of your career at the office so you can experience freedom in your personal life.


You want to end the cycle of fatigue and chronic illness so you can live from a place of vitality. You want to stop relying on caffeine and medications to deal with fatigue and mental imbalances and finally look and feel VIBRANT 100% naturally. You are ready to LOVE what you see when you look in the mirror because you know you are healthy and happy from the inside out,  no matter your age.


You want to fast track your spiritual growth and discover your true nature as a human. You don’t have hours every day to devote to meditation, but you are looking to cultivate a serious practice that leads to greater presence, peace of mind, and connection to the divine.